Monday, October 8, 2007

Join a National Conversation about Energy

Ni Hao from Ningbo, China. I have now lived through my second typhoon. Fortunately
we were not in the direct path, but we did get a lot (and I do mean A LOT) of rain and

One of the blogs that I have book marked is the National Coalition for Dialogue and
Deliberation ( This week they posted information on the latest
National Issues Forums that the Kettering Foundation is supporting. It is on energy.

Kettering has been supporting issues forums like this for many years, and they are always
well done. So if you have some passion and/or interest in our useage of energy, you may
want to check it out. Heck, maybe you can host one of the session. Info on how to
connect is below.

Be well... /jeff

Join a National Conversation about Energy

The Kettering Foundation ( and the National Issues Forums Institute
( are inviting people and their communities to become part of a national
conversation about energy and the choices that face the public and policymakers. The
Kettering Foundation and Public Agenda will be preparing a national report detailing the
outcomes of 2007 public deliberative forums held around the country using the National
Issues Forums issue book titled The Energy Problem: Choices for an Uncertain Future.
Groups or individuals who have led forums on this issue, or who are planning to, are
invited to help make the upcoming report as representative as possible of the national

There is still time to help your community, organization, school, or group, be heard in a
national deliberative conversation about energy. The Energy Problem issue book and free
moderator guides may be ordered by calling 800-600-4060. If you would like more
information about how to convene a forum on this topic in your community contact Ginny
O´Connor at or 800-443-7834, extension 870. Information from
deliberative forums- especially completed post-forum questionnaires- are welcomed
through November 15th, 2007. The information from forums held around the country will
be included in a national report that will be released to the public and presented in
Washington, DC.

If you have had a forum on this topic, or have one scheduled, please contact John Doble
or Stella Lee at Public Agenda, a not-for-profit organization that will be reporting on public
thinking in this year´s energy forums, at or The completion and return of post-forum questionnaires will
also be an important source of information for the upcoming report. Downloadable
questionnaires and more information about the issue book can be found at

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